Assoc Prof Rakesh N Veedu

Assoc. Prof. Rakesh N. Veedu


Associate Professor Rakesh N. Veedu has been leading a state-of-the-art DNA, RNA and chemically-modified oligonucleotide synthesis facility in Perth for over 6 years. He completed his PhD from The University of Queensland in 2006 after completing a MSc from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. He then joined the Nucleic Acid Centre at the University of Southern Denmark wherein he mastered the art of oligonucleotide synthesis under the mentorship of Professor Jesper Wengel. Upon his return to Australia he established an independent research group focused on nucleic acid synthesis and drug development at The University of Queensland, and in 2015, he moved to Murdoch University through The Perron Institute. He has published more than 100 research articles in international journals and published a book. He is an inventor on multiple patent applications and attracted >$4Million in research funding in the last 5 years.